Liverpool History Animation
1207 - 2007

Celebrating Liverpool's 800 Year History through Animation


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Help & Resources

To compliment the teaching and understanding of Liverpool's history we have produced 5 Powerpoint slide-shows showing images from different eras. Each is roughly 3mb in size. (Right click and Save Target As to save)

pp King John and Liverpool Castle
pp Maritime Liverpool
pp The Slave Trade
pp Victorian Liverpool
pp World War II

Instructional Video

flash Creating animation Part 1/5
flash Creating animation Part 2/5
flash Creating animation Part 3/5
flash Creating animation Part 4/5
flash Creating animation Part 5/5

These links should replace the Beatles image on the right and play inside the page. You can also download them as .avi files (bigger files with more detail)

Instructional Guide

pdf Fluxtime Studio quickstart guide
html Fluxtime Studio online manual

On-site support

In the event that you are having technical issues or need help with using the software we may be able to visit your school and offer help for free. Please email us at and we will try to arrange a suitable day / time. (Liverpool area only.)

Liverpool History Beatles