Liverpool History Animation
1207 - 2007

Celebrating Liverpool's 800 Year History through Animation


NEW: Check out the new comicbook history of Liverpool at Fun Liverpool history facts with quizzes and games galore!

To celebrate Liverpool's 800th anniversary, this special version of Fluxtime Studio was freely available during 2007 to all Schools, Colleges, Libraries and Community groups in Liverpool and the Merseyside. Unfortunately we were not able to secure funding beyond 2007 and now need to charge a fee in order to keep the website running.   **If you'd like to sponsor us please get in touch:

 Java is required to run the software, but it could not be detected on your computer.
To use the online version of the software, please make sure to first install the Java Plugin from or here.
To use the stand-alone version of the software, we recommend the Download with Java included (16.1mb).

Sign in with your FluxTime ID to animate online
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Animate Online - the software works completely online, your work is saved on the web and there is nothing to install.

  • shared folder for collaboration between pupils
  • embed animations in school/community websites
  • email animations to anyone

Download stand-alone version
Available for Windows XP, 2003, 2000, NT4, ME, 98
FluxTime Studio Liverpool History edition
View / Print Installation instructions

Animate Offline - alternatively download and install a standalone version of the software on a local computer.

  • no internet connection necessary
  • no collaboration, embed or email

*New: For more advanced capabilities get the moviesoup animation software and plug in the Liverpool History clipart libraries!

In the event that you are having technical issues or need help with using the software we may be able to visit your school and offer help for free. Please email us at and we will try to arrange a suitable day / time. (Liverpool area only.)